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Want to educate, entertain and plain old wow an assembly of employees or conference attendees about conflict resolution in the workplace?

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Fixing Workplace Conflict

Description: You’re surrounded by conflict but don’t give up. The savvy response to the uncomfortable messiness of workplace discord is to develop keener insights and skills to reduce its negative impact. Through this engaging presentation you’ll gain easy to remember and easy to apply insights to be a truly helpful and effective resolver.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the five apparent barriers to solving serious discord.
  • Describe two tools for overcoming each barrier.
  • Apply the surprising power of impartiality.

Client Testimonials

“On behalf of the IAAP Oregon Trail Chapter, I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation on conflict resolution. Your personal approach and the way you encouraged interaction was a perfect fit for our group, and we’ve received many positive comments on our meeting survey. This is definitely a subject that applies to everyone, and the information and tools you shared were very beneficial. Thank you again for your time and for sharing your expertise with us!” Tami Foster, President, Oregon Trail Chapter, IAAP

“Engaging, hands-on, practical, and solidly grounded.” Gary Langenwalter, Managing Partner, Portland Consulting Group

“Chris’s presentation of ‘Conflict Resolution for Organization Development Professionals’ was an entertaining discussion that gave me new perspectives on something I’ve encountered frequently in my career as an executive and consultant – dealing with conflicts. Chris has distilled his extensive experience into practical elements that ring true to my experience and give me a framework that will help deal with conflicts in a more focused and effective way. Thomas V. Robertson, Ph.D., Thinking Teams

“Chris came down to Roseburg for us on very short notice and he really made everything so easy and seamless for our Chapter. The presentation was great, he was very engaging and used real life examples that HR professionals can relate to on a daily basis. The feedback I received from our group were all great reviews, nothing negative! I highly recommend Chris for any supervisory crowd!!!” Rheanna Mosier, Program Chair, Douglas County SHRM