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When Titans Tussle, Organizations Fall

When the relationship between leaders sours, your entire organization suffers. Perhaps you hoped they’d work it out themselves or you tried a sit down chat on your own. But they still struggle to communicate and work together. Their issues effect important people around them and threaten key outcomes. These are among your best, mission critical people but if they don’t work it out, the organization may stumble.

“Chris, you were a life-giver and saver! Thank you so much. Our relationships are VASTLY improved, and although the tension created by our work and structure remains, we handle it much more kindly and gently, and with much improved communication. It is nice to know you can be there if and when we need you again! Thank you so much!”

Susan Stoltenberg, Executive Director, Impact Northwest

High Stakes Discord

It can’t get any worse between these folks, can it? The tension and distraction are bad enough. But there are also real risks to your organization when employees at any level get bogged down by conflict. You might already be measuring these costs in lost opportunities, missed deadlines, a botched group presentation, lost productivity, unwanted publicity, a potential lawsuit… it can be a lengthy list. You’ve listened to their concerns and intervened when you could. You may have decreed it’s time to get along and get back to work. But despite your best efforts the clashes continue, feelings smolder and the damages climb.

“I have been a client of In-Accord’s services both as an HR professional and as a participant in a mediation event. These are often very sensitive circumstances with great potential for job loss and litigation. I found their services to be compassionately handled and the to-do-list practical from initial contact through follow-up. If working together is at all possible, In-Accord’s approach to mediation services will chart a course towards resolution.”

Colleen Storms, Financial Manager, Longview Housing Authority

When it’s mission-critical, it’s time to call In-Accord. Higher management turns to us when they recognize the need for an experienced, genuinely impartial professional to work with particularly disruptive disputes. Our expert facilitation helps people mired in conflict communicate, negotiate and resolve their “stuff”. The result is improved interaction, working agreements and enhanced productivity. But what doesn’t happen might be even more significant. No more unproductive infighting, wasted potential, or a dreadful lawsuit.

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