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Service Guarantee

We will expertly and tenaciously work towards a full resolution of your situation. However, we also pledge not to waste your time, resources or hopes. Therefore, if at any point in the process we no longer believe there’s a reasonable chance of a positive outcome through our facilitated negotiation and dialogue services, we’ll discontinue the intervention, inform participants and suggest alternative options.

Training Guarantee

guaranteeWe know you put your reputation on the line when you hire an outside trainer. Therefore, we’ll immediately refund 100% of your investment if we fail to meet any of the following standards. We pledge to:

• Train to the learning objectives described in the agenda, unless changes are agreed to during the event.
• Provide training in alignment with adult learning theory.
• Arrive on time and on location, barring circumstances beyond our control.
• Come thoroughly prepared and equipped with training materials.
• Be fully engaged in the presentation and with participants.

Client Testimonials

“Like most folks, I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of bringing in a third party to help resolve our conflict, but I found the process with In-Accord to be productive and positive. Mr. Sheesley didn’t magically make our issues go away, but he did provide a safe, structured atmosphere for some very constructive conversation. He helped us clarify the issues and led us to a better understanding of the underlying cause of some of our problems. Well worth the time and effort. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on In-Accord again if a similar situation arises.” Gene Skrine, Team Leader (ret.), US Forest Service