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Mediation Training

The #1 thing you can do for your conflict resolution career is to build a reputation through top notch resolution skills. To take your mediation skills a step higher Chris offers a once-a-year advanced mediation skills training for a limited number of participants.

Advanced Mediation

This two-day workshop will immerse you in the tools and mindsets seasoned mediators use to work through tough cases. You’ll learn what to jettison, and what to enhance, from your basic training. There’ll be advanced skills you can use to formulate better questions, get real with parties and deal with curveballs. By the end of the training you’ll be able to:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate your current strengths and weaknesses as a mediator.
  • Describe the underlying purpose of each step in the mediation process.
  • List five mediation preparation essentials.
  • Develop succinct and thorough opening comments.
  • Convert fact-based questions into interest-based ones.
  • Identify what it means to be more authoritative and authentic as a mediator.
  • List five advanced mediation curveballs and appropriate responses.
  • Apply advanced mediation skills when given a mock case.

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Client Testimonials

“If it wasn’t for your course, I don’t know if I’d think I have what it takes to mediate. After those 40 well-spent hours in your class, I have every confidence that I can master the art of mediation thanks to your skill and gift for teaching. It reminded me of the days when college was my whole life and you always had that certain class that you looked forward to. Well, that’s how I felt about your class. The time flew by and it was always engaging.” Keith Jordan, Founder, Physico

Chris Sheesley not only collaborated with us on the details of planning the training but also presented his materials professionally, effectively and with great good humor. He provides for all learning styles, knows how to keep a group on task without giving a topic short shrift, and holds great respect for training participants. Although our resources have diminished, we are determined to continue using Chris for our basic mediation training–he’s just too good to lose! Betsy Coddington, Director, Resolutions Northwest

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 40 hours of mediator training these past two weeks! Your class was informative and engaging, and I feel very well prepared for the volunteer work at Dispute Resolution Center (although I’m sure I will be terrified during my first mediation). Thanks for providing a well-designed curriculum that was executed with expertise, professionalism and a wonderful sense of humor.” Karen Johnson