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Chris Sheesley, MA

Chris puts derailed workplace relationships back on track. Senior managers and HR professionals hire Chris when they recognize the need for an experienced, objective facilitator to transform high-stakes or seemingly impossible internal disputes into cooperation and employee efficiency.

With two and a half decades of full time experience, a client roster of hundreds of notable organizations and a track record of over 1,750 cases, Chris is among the most seasoned conflict management professionals on the West Coast. He has amassed over 5,000 hours of experience teaching dispute resolution and related skills grounded in his real-world experience.

In one instructive case, a despairing CEO sought out Chris to address a conflict between two high-level executives. If their relationship deteriorated further, the CEO feared, productivity would continue to degrade, morale would implode, and the feud might become public. With so much at risk, Chris applied his five-step process to bring both managers together. He helped them craft an agreement to enhance their interactions and, significantly, improve how they viewed each other. Grateful, the CEO stopped worrying about the collapse of her executive team.

Chris lives in a 1908 farmhouse on seven Clackamas County acres with his wife, two elementary aged sons, dogs, horses, chickens and other critters. When not fussing around on the property, he’s sailing Zeitgeist on the Columbia River, cycling, gawking at Oregon’s fascinating birds or gazing through a telescope at the vastness of space.

MA, Organizational Communication, Marylhurst University. Thesis explored employee resistance to conflict resolution opportunities.

BA, Conflict Resolution, American University.

Debbie Nelson, Associate

debbieDebbie has been an active conflict resolution professional since 1992 and closely affiliated with In-Accord since 2001. She provides a spectrum of services, including mediation, facilitation, conflict coaching and mediation training. Debbie specializes in resolving complex conflicts within different organizational contexts. Her coaching, facilitation and training practice work spans all sectors of the economy. In addition to her work with In-Accord, she provides mediation services for the US Postal Service’s Redress Program and the federally-sponsored Shared Neutrals workplace resolution program. Within the last few years, Debbie retired from an 18-year dispute resolution career with the City of Vancouver where she coordinated the mediation efforts and skills of mediation volunteers. Debbie was formally designated an Advanced Workplace Mediator by the Association for Conflict Resolution and is certified as a Mediation Practitioner by the Washington Mediation Association.

Debbie believes mediation offers a unique opportunity for people to build or rebuild trust and healthy working relationships. Her experience helping people through conflict demonstrates that when people with divergent points of view work through concerns together, their solutions are more resilient.

Mark Danley – Associate Mediator and Facilitator


For 31 years, Mark Danley served in the federal sector, the last 16 of which were focused on workplace conflict resolution at the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). In this role, he founded and managed the first agency-wide workplace mediation program.  Mark has continued this work by specializing in interpersonal workplace conflict management. He helped establish, and was the first Chair, of the Oregon Federal Executive Board’s “Shared Neutrals” program, where he facilitated agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Indian Health Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Additionally, Mark served for five years as a dispute resolution ombudsman at BPA, where he also managed the resolution of complaints under Federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Mediation Association (including as board President), and has presented conflict management topics to both supervisors and employees.  Mark has helped train mediators at Portland State University, Portland Community College and other venues.

Mark believes that conflict comes from a variety of places (interpersonal, structural, organizational, etc.). Therefore, he takes a systems approach to each conflict, looking beyond or beneath the presenting problems to identify and address the sources of conflict.  He respects the integrity of all parties to collaborate in solving problems in ways that work for them.

When Mark is not mediating, he’s researching his family tree, entertaining his three grandchildren, or traveling to parts known and otherwise. He’s also working on building an orphanage in Freetown, Sierra Leone.