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We specialize in high level, high stakes situations.

Work gets done while people get along. Crisis averted.





Fix Our Conflict

When the relationship between leaders sours, your entire organization suffers. Perhaps you hoped they’d work it out themselves or you tried a sit down chat on your own. But they still struggle to communicate and work together. Their issues effect important people around them and threaten key outcomes. Read More


Training and Skill Development

If your organization is like most, managers spend much of their time dealing with staff personality conflicts and many employees inevitably bump up against coworkers. Perhaps it’s time to consider training to improve skills and abilities to overcome these inevitable interpersonal tensions. Read More


Mediation Career Mentoring

So, you love to mediate and want to be more profitable doing it? You’re not alone in feeling challenged by how to get clients to pay for your expertise. Through the advice and products of In-Accord’s Mediation Career Mastermind you’ll gain insights into one of the West Coast’s most successful mediators. Read More


You know how difficult and disruptive conflict can be at work. Often what begins with a little tension between two people soon becomes everyone’s problem. It gets complicated and messes up productivity, morale… you name it. Otherwise good employees become derailed. Despite your best intentions and efforts the situation may be escalating out of control.

We’ve Gotta Talk


“I have been a client of In-Accord’s services both as an HR professional and as a participant in a mediation event. These are often very sensitive circumstances with great potential for job loss and litigation. I found their services to be compassionately handled and the to-do-list practical from initial contact through follow-up. If working together is at all possible, In-Accord’s approach to mediation services will chart a course towards resolution.”
Colleen Storms – Financial Manager – Longview Housing Authority

“I came to In-Accord because of an emotionally draining and ongoing conflict with a co-worker. I hoped for success, but wondered if substantial gains could be made in such a highly charged situation. Chris’ masterful handling of the situation helped us to create a plan together which greatly reduced animosity and increased compassion and support for each other. I would trust him with any situation requiring calm mentorship and thoughtful guidance.”
Educational Services Employee